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Porsche 944 Spare Parts and Cross Reference

Please note that the list shares the spare parts for all 944 models: 944 / S / S2 / Turbo / Turbo Cabriolet.
Big thanks to fellow enthusiast Jusii for kicking off the original list!

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Maintenance Intervals

Technical Bulletins

TB9051 - Retrofitting R12 AC to R134

MY1991 Color Codes


Code Color Paint Effect* 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991
L90E Alpine White (Alpinweiß) U1 X X X X X X X X
LM3A Guards Red (Indischrot) U1 X X X X X X X X
LY5D Azurite Blue (Azuritblau) U1       X X X X X
LY5U Glacier Blue Metallic (Gletscher-met.) M2           X X X
LY7T Crystal Silver Metallic (Kristallsilber-met.) M2             X X
LY7P Titanium Metallic (Titan-met.) M2             X X
LY9Z Panthero Black Metallic (Panthero-met.) M2             X X
LZ3T Zyclam Red Pearl Effect (Zyclamrot-perlcolor) P2             X X
LM3B Star Ruby (Sternrubin) U1             X X
LM5A Maritime Blue (Maratimblau) U1               X
LM5N Cobalt Blue Metallic (Cobaltblau-met.) M2               X
LY9B Brilliant Black (Brillantschwarz) U2               X
700 Black (Schwarz) U1               X
908 Grand Prix White (Grandprixweiß) U1               X
80K Guards Red (Indischrot) U1               X
82N Star Ruby (Sternrubin) U1               X
38B Maritime Blue (Maritimblau) U1               X
38A Amethyst Pearl Effect (Amethyst-perlcolor) P2               X
92M Amethyst Pearl Effect (Amethyst-perlcolor) WP2               X
738 Black Pearl Effect (Schwarz-perlcolor) P2               X
92E Polar Silver Metallic (Polarsilber-met.) M2               X
83K Polar Silver Metallic (Polarsilber-met.) WM2               X
22D Slate Grey Metallic (Schiefer-met.) M2               X
23F Slate Grey Metallic (Schiefer-met.) WM2               X
37W Night Blue Pearl Effect (Nachtblau-perlcolor) P2               X
39C Night Blue Pearl Effect (Nachtblau-perlcolor) WP2               X
37U Cobalt Blue Metallic (Cobaltblau-met.) M2               X

* Paint Effect details:
U = Solid (Uni), M = Metallic (Met), P = Pearl Effect (Perlcolor), W = Waterbased Lacquer (Wasserbasis-Lack),
1 = Single-Layer Coat (Einschichtverfahren), 2 = Two-Layer Coat (Zweischichtverfahren)


BGChestnut Brown
BKCobalt Blue - With Porsche Cloth - Partial Leather
BMChestnut Brown
BXChestnut Brown
DFClassic Grey
FEMidnight Blue
FJMidnight Blue
FKMidnight Blue
FSCashmere Beige/Black
JBNephrite Green
KHChestnut Brown
LCCashmere Beige/Black
LGCashmere Beige/Black
LTBlack Partial Leather
MXClassic Grey - Leatherette/Leather
PTFlorentine Grey
PGCobalt Blue - Leatherette/Leather
SBClassic Grey
SCMidnight Blue
SDChestnut Brown
SGCashmere Beige/Black
TFClassic Grey
TTClassic Grey - Partial Leather
USMidnight Blue
VDBlack full leather
VNBlack Leatherette/Leather
YACashmere Beige/Black