It’s extremely interesting to see how many of these cars are still on the road.
Hope you find it interesting too and willing to participate to the registry!

More information about each example can be accessed by clicking the picture or the VIN number.

PictureVIN NumberExterior ColorInterior ColorLocation
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130194LY7T - Crystal Silver MetallicTV - Cobalt Blue, Partial leather Italy
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130209LY9B - Brilliant BlackMX - Classic Grey, Leatherette/leatherSpain
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130222LY9Z - Panthero MetallicVN - Black, Leatherette/leatherFinland
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130274L90E - Alpine WhiteTV - Cobalt Blue, Partial leather United Kingdom
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130338LY9Z - Panthero MetallicMX - Classic Grey, Leatherette/leatherUnited Kingdom
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130403LY9Z - Panthero MetallicVN - Black, Leatherette/leatherFinland
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130404LM3A - Guards RedLT - Black, Partial leatherCyprus
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130418LM3A - Guards RedVN - Black, Leatherette/leatherUnited Kingdom
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130440LM5A - Maritime BlueTT - Classic Grey, Partial leather United Kingdom
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130484LM3A - Guards RedVN - Black, Leatherette/leatherUnited States
WP0ZZZ95ZMN130577LM5N - Cobalt Blue MetallicTV - Cobalt Blue, Partial leather United Kingdom