• 139: Heated seat, left
  • 220: Locking differential 40%
  • 288: Head light washers
  • 340: Heated seat, right
  • 573: Air conditioning
  • 605: Head light aim control
  • 983: Leather seats, front and rear


  • Exterior: LY9Z - Panthero Metallic
  • Interior: VN - Black, Leatherette/leather


My first Porsche and it is just a blast to drive!

I got bit by the Porsche bug when my friend took me a drive with his 951. The car was unbelievable fast.
At that moment I thought I had to get one, but as convertible.

I bought this car from a gentleman in Germany back in 2009 and drove it to Finland with my friend.
The car is in pretty good condition considering the age, but plan is to do full restoration on it someday.